Vote now: Which trainer is bound for a bodacious Breeders’ Cup?

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One thought on “Vote now: Which trainer is bound for a bodacious Breeders’ Cup?

  1. Cocorico says:

    Thank you Kate! You have obviously thgouht through this question before. I noticed that you chose to use the word schemata instead of worldview and that you seemed to link it to belief system . What similarities/differences do you see in these three?I understand your point that learning will in some way alter your schemata. The examples you talked about were definitely good ones in support of that argument.All learning probably does alter our understanding of things at some level. I think that is one great argument for becoming very familiar with your own schemata, worldview, or belief system. It is important to know what it is and why you have it. There is something critical at the core of everyone’s understanding of things. It is that foundational cornerstone on which all of our new knowledge is built. It is the lens through which we process all incoming information. If we don’t realize we have that or can’t recognize it for what it is or don’t take the time to assess its validity, we do run the risk of being tossed to and fro.Thank you for this great post and for your kind thgouhts toward Theodore. Unfortunately, it looks like he may need some teeth pulled because they seem so loose now. We’ll have a better idea over the next couple of days/weeks.

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