Shackleford not “finicky” – well, except about racing surfaces

Famous fan favorite Shackleford is a pretty adaptable horse. He ships around to several different tracks, has won at various distances, and usually puts in strong morning works. Physically, he always looks outstanding, his chestnut coat gleaming. He’s never lacking in energy, especially prior to races (see Shackleford: saddling in the paddock).

Shackleford doesn’t miss a beat. Unless, that is, you take away his fast track.


Slop, mud, goo, even synthetic – they’re all Kryptonite to super Shack. He’s now 0 for 3 on off tracks after a dismal last-place performance in Sunday’s Vanderbilt Handicap, won by a longshot, Maryland-bred Poseidon’s Warrior.

“He is kind of finicky about what he runs on, and it’s been the only thing he’s been finicky about,” trainer Dale Romans said.

Was his mother a mudder? It’s hard to tell. Oatsee ran on an off track, rated “good,” just once – ironically also at Saratoga – and came in second. She also didn’t do well on turf, but Oatsee was 2 for 21 overall, so there you go.

Romans said Shackleford will forge on to the Forego at the Spa – unless, of course, the track is Spa-like.

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7 thoughts on “Shackleford not “finicky” – well, except about racing surfaces

  1. Chris says:

    Just a little remark, Vanderbilt, not Whitney.

    Good, fun read again.
    You could see it when the doors opened. Shack was like: ‘ no way i’m gonna run in that mess!’

    • Thanks! Will correct.
      He did – the look of disgust was in his eyes!

      • Chris says:

        Haha, look of disgust. yes Sir. Continue with the blogs, they are fun 🙂

      • Joan says:

        Gilliland. Roll Tide!!!@Karen Lamb. I am 66 as well being born on 02-22-1945. I remember Citation and the way he fired my imoianitgan and fed my love of horses. My parents couldn’t afford a horse for me but they encouraged me to love horses and made sure I got to the local horse shows whenever possible. Your story about your horse was both sad and, long term, happy. What a wonderful thing it was to stand there and groom, brush out manes and tails, pick hooves and just enjoy the wonderful smell of a horse. When I did this with my 2 mares and 1 gelding in my boarding barn, it would just free my mind and I could daydream about riding across hills and streams, wind flying in my hair and their manes and tails, ground rolling away under their hooves, the way the sun felt and the sweetness of the air. It was almost an out-of-body experience and I loved every minute of it. Now I daydream about being astride Zenyatta and doing the same thing. It’s a wonderful escape for a little while from the every day cares and aggravations and gives me rest and peace for just a bit before I have to take up day-to-day living again. I think that’s what this website gives to all of us and it’s a good thing to have.To those folks that have horses now and can go out and ride, enjoy every minute of it and think of those of us who can’t do that anymore for just a minute. We’ll know it and appreciate it very much.Oops, I’m getting too long-winded again. I’ll shut up now.

    • Jacky says:

      thanks for commenting. In my liimetd expierence with biotin I fortunately have not had any side effects. I think you should decide what’s more important, the result or the effect. The human body can get use to change and balance itself, so adapt and give it a little time to adjust. Good luck!

  2. LindaVA says:

    He just didn’t want to get that handsome face all dirty!

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