Pletcher 1 for 22 at the Spa. Who do I single now?

pletcherIt’s a dry spell in more ways than one during this hot summer at Saratoga.

A shrinking water supply has forced the city’s public officials to call for voluntary water restrictions.

Even more alarming: Trainer Todd Pletcher is 1 for 22 after the first four days of racing at the Spa.

Take appropriate precautions – it could be one for the ages. The Pletcher slump, that is. The conditioner who usually dominates, providing horseplayers with steadfast singles for Pick 4’s and dreamers with dazzling debuting darlings, is cold as a Shake Shack shake.

Reports of dazed and disillusioned chalk players flooding Saratoga streets are premature; at this time, self-imposed betting restrictions are simply voluntary.

Meanwhile, Skip Scirocco, Saratoga’s City Public Works Commissioner, has requested residents in odd-numbered houses water their lawns only on odd-numbered days, and those in even-numbered houses on even-numbered days.

Doesn’t everything in Saratoga sound like some form of a handicapping system?

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One thought on “Pletcher 1 for 22 at the Spa. Who do I single now?

  1. Iqbal says:

    Thank you, Frank.Alan would you like me to send you a little warnnig e-mail every time I post something sentimental so that you can avoid it? Or maybe so that you can show up and drop us a nice big dollop of cynicism to counter it?

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